Allu Arjun eager for the verdict of Aravinda Sametha.

It is very much common for the audience to wait for the verdict of their favorite star film in Tollywood industry.  But now a day’s even movie starts are eager to know the verdicts of certain films. The logic behind this makes sense.

As per industry insiders, Allu Arjun is eagerly waiting for the verdict of Aravindha Sametha since he is planning to make his next film with Trivikram. Bunny wants to do a movie with Trivikram, but he cannot afford to risk with Trivikaram since his recent film Agnyathavasi failed. Trivikram’s direction will be questioned if Aravindha Sametha fails to click. Bunny has not yet signed any film after recent failure of Na Peru Surya. He could not decide about his future venture between Vikram kumar and Trivikram. So Bunny is pushing to give green nod to any direction before the release of Aravindha Sametha.