Five Reasons Why KCR Opted For Early Polls

Why did KCR chose early polls? This is a million dollar question. Though several interpretations are being given, KCR himself has not given any sould reason for his decision. Even at the Wednesday press meet, he did not give out any sound reason. In his presser,which lasted a hour-and-a-half, he had said that he was going in for early polls because of the vilification campaign by the Congress.

When KCR says something, it sound very convincing. But, a deeper analysis shows the chinks in the argument. More importantly, this time around, his arguments are both tame and lame.

But , KCR watchers and poll pundits say that there are five major reasons why KCR has decided to go in for early polls. Firstly – the snowballing of anti-incumbency. Secondly – he does not want the Congress to consolidate itself and become stronger. Thirdly, win the Assembly elections and then leverage this victory to grab as many MP seats as possible. Fourthly, make KTR CM and move to national politics and fifthly – to overcome the summer problems.

KCR also feels that anti-Modi mood should not rub off on him. So, he wants to delink the assembly elections with the Lok Sabha elections. KCR is of the opinion that by delinking the two polls, he would escape the anti-Modi sentiment which is growing because of the demonetization and the GST.

But, many a time, Machiavellian moves could boomerang and end up as monumental blunders. What will KCR’s move be – Machiavellian move or monumental blunder?