Hero Shivaji Is Chandrababu’s Benami?

AP BJP Vice President Kapileswaraiah described Operation Garuda as nothing but trash. He accused Shivaji of enacting new drama saying Centre will serve notices to CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Kapileswaraiah: ‘BJP sought a detailed enquiry on Operation Garuda few months ago but Police Department hadn’t responded. The comments made by Shivaji give an impression whether if he is Chandrababu Naidu’s benami. Investigation should be conducted immediately on Shivaji’s comments’.

The BJP Leader welcomed the protests staged by Opposition Parties against the rising fuel prices. He recalled Centre instructing State Governments to cut down the tax on fuel by Rs 10 in the past. He also held TDP Government responsible for high fuel prices in AP. ‘Nowhere in the country, Such high taxes were levied. TDP Government must reduce the taxes immediately,’ he demanded.