Naga Chaitanya’s Savyasachi Trailer out

Naga Chaitanya's Savyasachi Trailer out

The teaser of Savyasachi grabbed many eyeballs for its intriguing action and concept. The offical trailer was released and it seems teaser revealed the basic theme of the film and the trailer is an extension to it. It was evident for the teaser that Director Chandoo Mondeti has explored ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’ concept and made an action film out of it. The trailer for Savyasachi gives more insight into the character of Vikram-Aditya played by Naga Chaitanya.

The picks from the trailer include ‘Film’s hero played by Chay has no control over his left hand with which there’s nothing he cannot do as his left hand is more powerful than anybody could imagine it and his power is challenged by the baddie played by Maddy. Madhavan looks stylish yet menacing as the main villain of Savyasachi. The trailer is action packed with Chaitanya flexing his muscles like never before. Savyasachi looks like a right mix of variety and commercial elements that appeal to contemporary as well as the mass audience. Chay has tried his hand at action sometimes before, but with little success. He seems to be in the right hands now. Bankrolled by Mythri Movie Makers, Savyasachi is gearing up for release on Nov 2.