Nani Learned a Lesson With Big Boss 2

Actor Nani, who made his television debut as the host of the second season of Telugu version of Bigg Boss is finally relieved as the show is over. The show ended on Sunday as Kaushal Manda, one of the most popular contestants, emerged as the winner and took home a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

He reportedly stated that “The last three months have been the most stressful phase of my career. Even when I was doing three films a year, I would somehow find time to spend time with my family apart from the regular weekend breaks. But ‘Bigg Boss’ took up more time than I had expected. It’s finally time to go on a much-needed holiday,” he said. He also said that he has received so many hate messages for the show and came to a conclusion that he can please everyone in the world. He finally thanked Maa TV for Big Boss as he learned so much in his with this show.