No Competition for Rajamouli’s Dream Project

No Competition for Rajamouli's Dream Project

Making mythological movies is not a cakewalk. Making these kind of movies requires a mammoth amount of investment in terms of money and time. Apart from this, there would be many controversies surrounding these films as there would be different versions of a particular mythology.  Mostly importantly the directors and makers must have courage and vision to create visual wonders.

One such person who comes to anyone mind would be Maverick director SS Rajamouli. He announced himself to the world with ‘Baahubali’ series which made 2000 crores at the box office and shocked the entire world. On the record director Rajamouli always used to say that making Mahabharatham into a movie has been his dream from a long time. As soon as Rajamouli expressed that Mahabharatham is his dream project, both Bollywood and Mollywood tried to steal that project from him. But, with no announcement from anywhere it seems line is clear for our Tollywood finest director Rajamouli. Now he can happily start his dream project if at all if all things fall in place.