Rahul Gandhi is Biggest Buffon in Country – KCR

Declaring that “No.1 enemy” for Telangana is Congress, KCR has attacked Congress party president Rahul Gandhi to the core. KCR went a step further and intensified his personal attack on Rahul. KCR called Rahul as the “Biggest Buffon” in the country.

KCR also stated that Congress would not have any impact in the coming Lok Sabha elections as well. He asked media to name a State where Congress could win at least 20 MP seats. KCR gave a call asking people to “Bury” the Congress for good. He accused Congress for ruining Telangana over a period of time. KCR claimed that he had rid the Telangana unit of Congress. He said Telangana should get rid of Congress again and forever.

Defending his decision to dissolve the Assembly much advance and go for early polls, KCR said that the decision is taken in the interest of people. He said the Telangana state is progressing and said the state should not go into the hands of the “inefficient” people referring to Congress.