Rana feels ‘Baahubali’ similar to ‘Star Wars’

Rana feels 'Baahubali' similar to 'Star Wars'

Actor Rana Daggubati who is an ardent fan of Star wars compares Baahubali series with Star wars. He reportedly said that he is proud to be associated with super hit Indian film franchise “Baahubali”, which is now making an impact internationally in the form of a comic book. During his visit to Singapore for a professional commitment, he visited a local book store and found that the store had sold a large number of copies of a comic based on the film “Baahubali” series. The comic book in Japanese language is getting a positive response in the Asian market.

Rana speaking to media said that “Trans media of films as comics/graphic novels and reliving all of that through merchandise for films like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Jurassic Park’ or titles in the DC/Marvel cinematic universe is what I grew up on. Having been part of probably the first Indian film that broke boundaries not only nationally but on all platforms available as book comics, soon as a show and going all the way to Japan as Manga comics really makes me feel fortunate. Just to be a part of something so special and open up potential of where Indian storytelling can go in the future”. ‘Baahubali’ has done to Indian cinema what ‘Star Wars’ has done to America. I really feel we are in our best time now,” he added.