Tamannaah is excited about ‘Next Enti’

Tamannaah is excited about 'Next Enti'

Milky beauty has a bunch of movies in her hand at the moment. Apart from her vital role in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Sye Raa’, Tamannaah is also eagerly waiting for the release of her rom-com with Sundeep Kishan, ‘Next Enti’. Milky beauty Tamannaah said her character from ‘Next Enti’ movie is so much of her. “My role’s name is also Tammy and it’s very close to me,” added she. Extending a warm welcome to director Kunal Kohli, Tamannaah said, “People in the country are looking at Telugu cinema as it is changing Indian cinema. I’m very proud to be part of this industry where I learned a lot and it’s a perfect time for Kunal to make his debut in Telugu.”

She also added that ‘Next Enti’ is a new-age love story and she is so glad that she got that character from the film but at the same time she is nervous about the film’s success. She would have been disappointed if this film had gone to any other actress. The film stars Tamannaah, Sundeep Kishan in a lead roles and Navdeep, Poonam Kaur plays supporting roles. He said that ‘Next Enti’ is Kunal’s vision and he is proud to have worked with a filmmaker like him. The teaser and trailer of the film is released and opened to positive reviews. ‘Next Enti’ is gearing up for December release.