Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Review & Rating

Movie Review: Vishwaroopam 2

Rating: 1.75/5

Cast: Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Sekhar Kapur, Rahul Bose, Waheeda Rahman and Others.

Music: Gibran

Shyam Dutt-Sanu John Varghese

Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Kamal Haasan

Release Date: 10th August 2018

‘Viswaroopam’ stood as the career best grosser for Kamal Haasan though it’s been one of the most controversial films. The Sequel to it released after five years. Theatrical Trailer has built the required buzz for extended version of this Spy Thriller. Let’s see if Kamal mesmerized movie lovers once again…


Story of ‘Viswaroopam 2’ starts from where Part 1 ended. Agent Wisam Ahmed (Kamal Haasan) successfully accomplishes the task to foil the mission of Dreaded Terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose) in New York. He moves to UK along with his Wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) and Team Members to prevent Terror Attacks. What is that conspiracy? How did Wisam Ahmed accomplish the new mission? Watch the Spy Thriller in theaters nearby to find answers!


As usual, Kamal Haasan does perform well but there isn’t much variation in his character when compared with Part 1. He didn’t get much scope to exhibit various emotions. Neverthless, Ulaganayagan showed his speciality in the scene with his Mother who lost memory. He looks extremely fit even at the age of 63 and the efforts put in by him in action blocks is worth praising. Pooja Kumar as Kamal’s Wife is good. Andrea as Cop does a fine job. Sekhar Kapur is okay. Rahul Bose leaves a mark of his own but there isn’t much he could do in the Sequel.


Kamal Haasan

First Half-An-Hour



Lack of Thrills

Production Values


Composers Trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy left a strong impact with ‘Viswaroopam’. Though Gibran did a fine job, Movie Buffs get the feeling of missing Signature Theme while watching the Sequel. Using the ‘Viswaroopam’ Title Theme at least in the crucial episodes should have been a good idea. Songs composed by Gibran are just okay. Cinematography by Shyam Dutt-Sanu John Varghese is appreciable. Makers seems to have compromised on the Production Values. Making standards aren’t on par with Part 1. As Writer-cum-Director, Kamal Haasan disappoints with poor screenplay & uninteresting scenes.


There is nothing Kamal Haasan can’t do…such is the knowledge he have on Film Making. He isn’t only a Great Actor but also a successful Writer & Director. The problem with him is that his thought process will be beyond the grasping levels of the common audience at times. Kamal made ‘Viswaroopam’ by blending Emotion, Action & Thrill perfectly. Actually, Shooting of the Sequel was completed within months after the release of Part 1 but the release got delayed by five years due to the financial woes of Aascar Film Pvt Ltd. This could be a major reason why viewers feel the Sequel lacks the contemporary touch.

‘Viswaroopam’ not only have breathtaking action blocks but also nice emotion. Particularly, The manner in which Kamal reveals his true identity was thrilling to say the least. Entire Afghanistan Episode was so gripping in the Part 1. When it comes to Sequel, The role of Wisam Ahmed doesn’t offer any goosebumps. There is no scope for Kamal to show much variation here.

Actually, ‘Viswaroopam 2’ starts on a positive note with few thrills but it loses track with half-an-hour and Audience would only wait for the film to end thereafter. The sequences showing the conspiracy against Wisam Ahmed & diffuse of a bomb in the Ocean are uninteresting. Even the romantic track of Lead Pair is just ordinary.

Rahul Bose as Terrorist Omar keeps the proceedings interesting to some extent in the last half-an-half. Still, The roller-coaster ride experience one expects from a Spy Thriller is missing completely. Kamal saved the sequence showing how Omar realizes Wisam Ahmed is a spy for the Sequel but failed to capitalize on it. All those who had seen ‘Viswaroopam’ will be keen to watch the Sequel. Such people need to keep their expectation as low as possible!

Bottom Line: Better Watch ‘Viswaroopam’ Again!