Web Series On Mahesh Babu’s Banner

These days, Even people in Rural Areas are getting used to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other digital platforms. These platforms have been fetching crores for Producers bankrolling Feature Films & Web Series.

None other than Namrata sees a huge potential in the Web Series. She is now keen to come up with a Web Series on Mahesh Babu’s home banner. This Web Series is being planned in association with Jio which has been a revolution in the Telecom Sector.

Namrata has been in search of Young Talent to produce few more Web Series. She is ready to take up exciting projects if Filmmakers approach her with out of the box concepts.

Since their marriage, Namrata has been handling all the off the screen matters related to Mahesh Babu. She deserves 50 percent of the credit for the brand image of Superstar. The Former Actress also takes care of Mahesh’s media interactions and philanthropic activities.