Who Slapped Preeti Jhangiani’s Son?

Actress Preeti Jhangiani (Thammudu fame) lodged a complaint against a Senior Citizen at the Khar Police Station for allegedly abusing and threatening her 7-Year-Old Son Jayveer Dabas on Thursday.

Reportedly, Jayveer Dabas and Aishwarya Rai’s Nephew had gone to play with their friend in a neighbouring building ‘Shiva Sthan’ on Wednesday evening. While playing football, One of the Boys punched Jayveer into his stomach. In return, Jayveer called him stupid. Quickly, The Boy went to his residence and complained to his grandfather Arif Siddhiqui about it. Mr.Siddhiqui rushed to the spot. He not only slapped Preeti’s Son but also issued a stern warning. The Senior Citizen has gone to the extent of abusing Mothers in the building.

Preeti Jhangiani confirms the incident and feels such individuals should be pay the price for what they did. ‘This Man abused the watchman in front of women and children. He asked the security men to throw my son out of the building. He even told…I don’t talk to women. My Son was traumatized, not even willing to eat and go to school,’ she revealed.