Yes, I Am Continuing In TDP!

BC Welfare Association president R Krishnaiah was the CM Candidate of Telangana TDP for 2014 General Elections. The ploy of Chandrababu Naidu to lure a seizable number of BC Voters into the party with this move failed miserably.

R Krishnaiah got elected as LB Nagar MLA on TDP Ticket. He, however, neither behaved like a TDP Member nor took part in party programmes actively till date. There were even speculations that R Krishnaiah would quit Telugu Desam & float a new political party for the rights of BCs. He wasn’t even invited by the internal party meeting of Telangana TDP due to his non-loyal approach.

Much to everyone’s surprise, R Krishnaiah announced he is still a TDP Member and condemned the speculations about him.

If the sources are true, Plan of R Krishnaiah to contest on TRS Ticket in the next elections hasn’t materialized. So, He is trying get the TDP ticket one more time and win with the support of Mahakutami.