About Us

About us:
GossipMug.com is a lively, new place to go for all the movie’s, political, sports and lifestyle news to kick-start we are focused on Telugu demographics . Where we aim to entertain people and believe in informing people about reliable news and articles , we prefer exceptional content over quantity ,like you we are team players , avid movie lovers ,love to be in the loop of political, sports and lifestyle news , this motivated us to start one of a kind venture with a grand vision to make a difference.

About you:
Ideally you are passionate, creative, high spirited, persistent, creative, team player, and act on plans. Preferred but not a must, have a degree in Journalism, proven 1-4 yrs experience in content writing / blogs, knowledge of graphic design ,broad understanding & interests of Telugu demographics .

Job Description
We believe writing is an art and are seeking two content writing artists to cover the interesting , trending & thought provoking movie’s, political, sports and lifestyle news articles every day through GossipMug.com and through social media platforms .

Roles & responsibilities

• Whether you expertise is in movies / politics , you are passionate about the subject ,should be proficient in English language writing skills and a good story teller .

• The day to day work involves minting & crafting top quality article’s for movie’s / political / sports / lifestyle that entice GossipMug.com visitors and social media accounts followers.

• Be an effective team player working with idea generators, SEO, marketing and other business units.

• Adaptable with work load demands, timely delivery of conscious articles / news and flexible with tight time frames to meet the targets.

• Collaborate with other business units to create develop new content ideas.

Let’s take it further:
Should our position excite you and would like to join hands with us ,please send us a current Resume and cover letter explaining why you are the best fit for the job to the below email address and lets embark for a change.

Email address : krishnapinni@agogsoft.com