Savyasachi Teaser – Chay’s Unseen Brother

Finally the teaser of Savyasachi starring Naga Chaitanya is released. Mythri Movie Makers kicked off the promotional campaign with the teaser. Chandoo Mondeti who made directional debut with an interesting thriller ‘Kartikeya’ has come up with another interesting idea for Savyasachi. The teaser introduces Chay’s character with special traits.

The film draws its plot from the vanishing twin syndrome, in which one of the twins disappears in the early stage of pregnancy. The disappeared fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin and from the teaser it is evident that the vanished twin lived inside his brother and shows his dominance through his brother’s left hand. That makes Naga Chaitanya ambidextrous. Teaser will surely grab eyeballs and make viewers wait for the film. A glimpse of Madhavan as the Rakshasa gives a perfect ending to the teaser. So this film is not a routine pot boiler, at least the teaser speaks so.