Will Jana Reddy Campaign For TRS?: KCR

Caretaker CM KCR had thrown a challenge to CLP Leader Jana Reddy during the ‘Praja Ashirwada Sabha’ in Husnabad. ‘Jana Reddy pledged in Assembly that he would campaign for TRS if I could offer 24*7 power to the Agriculture Sector. Will he fulfill his promise? If Jana Reddy is unable to see the reality, He can always undergo treatment through TRS Welfare Scheme ‘Kanti Velugu’,’ he commented.

KCR accused Congress Party, which ruled the country for 50 years, of ruining India. He held Congress responsible for the poverty in the country. ‘While China have 2.23 lakh Express Highway, India managed to have 1,900 km of highway. While Trucks move at a speed of 80 kmph globally, It’s just 24 kmph in India. While Goods Rail travels at 86 kmph globally on an average, It’s just 36 kmph in India. This is because of the Corruption and Inefficiency of the Congress,’ alleges CM.

The main target of KCR is undoubtedly Congress as it’s the Main Opposition in Telangana. Among the Opposition Parties, Only Congress have the chance of coming into power.